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Our Towne Mechanicsburg

Where Unity Means Progress

Our Towne Mechanicsburg

Our Towne Mechanicsburg exists to bring together local government, businesses and individuals to make Mechanicsburg an exciting and vibrant place to live.

While the original goal was to maintain a focus on the Downtown area, OTM more recently accepted the challenge of managing the three great local festivals throughout the year – Summer Celebration, the Hylo Brown Bluegrass Festival and Christmas in the Village. These festivals have continued through the generous financial support of those in the Village and local businesses, but also the personal efforts of a small group of volunteers.

Meeting Information

Our meetings are held on the last Monday of the month at the Mechanicsburg Library meeting room. We invite you to take part at any of our meetings or volunteer your time and talents at the events we sponsor. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Board Members & Positions

  • Dan Eck
  • Heather Stritenberger
  • Rebecca Wilden
  • Tina Johnson
  • Greg Kimball
  • Ellie Mayberry
  • Scott Salee
  • Judi Wilson
  • Scott Wilson


Secretary/Social Media Manager


Vendor Coordinator

Sponsor Coordinator