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Our Towne Mechanicsburg

Where Unity Means Progress

Thank you for attending Christmas in the Village 2021!

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to the following people for their help with the Village Christmas Tree --

Tree: Hurst Farms

Securing and setting up the tree: Class Landscaping, Tony Swank, Josh Moore, David Napper.

Decorations: OTM Members, Village employees, Mechanicsburg students and staff.

For additional information, find Our Towne Mechanicsburg on Facebook:


Consider a donation to Our Towne Mechanicsburg

Our Towne Mechanicsburg is funded primarily through donations, which allow OTM to organize Village improvement projects, and host many festivals throughout the year.

Being the driver behind economic growth in the Mechanicsburg area, Our Towne must seek donations from those in and outside the community.

Donations can be mailed to: Our Towne Mechanicsburg, c/o Treasurer, 3972 Parkview Road, Mechanicsburg OH 43044.

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